Saturday, 9 July 2011

China Glaze - Cross Iron 360

Hey everyone. Today I won't be so chatty, since it's just too hot to even type. Seriously, I feel like my skin is too much for me to wear right now, let alone clothes. If I had the guts (and if I knew I wouldn't regret it severely right after I'd do it), I'd shave my head. It's a killer today. 

Let's go on with nail polish! This little baby I pulled out of Tevta's shoe box out of curiosity - I didn't even know it existed and it looked SO amazing in the bottle, like bottled fire. I put it on and it was love. 

Very soft light.

Isn't it amazing? Still, I feel my pictures don't do Cross Iron 360 justice. It looks even more amazing on the nails. Seriously, liquid fire, I loved wearing it. 

Cross Iron 360 is a part of China Glaze Ski Collection for Winter 2007, so a rather old one, but a cool one too. Cross Iron 360 and Frostbite are a total win in nail polish department, I need them in my life! If you add Outta Bounds in the bag, I won't mind!

It needs two coats, dries really fast (all the pictures are without TC) and it's really a very well behaved polish, it applies like ChG finest! Gorgeous polish, really. I'm BIG on orange lately!

Any thoughts? How are you and orange nail polish, friends or foes? 

Thank you for reading, wear some serious sunscreen and drink gallons of water, wherever you are!


  1. Me + orange polish = no go. :P Resno, sem ravno včeraj probavala ene odtenke v štacuni in se mi zdi, da na moj podton kože oranžna sploh ne paše. Tale CG pa zgleda super!

  2. Wow, just two coats! I love the colour but was afraid it'd take a base colour to get opaque. Now I want it too :) I bet it'd be stunning with flakies for Fall manis <3

  3. I love orange and copper nail polish - This one looks absolutely awesome on you! It's yellow I can't bring myself to wear.

  4. It looks absolutely amazing!

  5. Oh! I need this! Beautiful!!! :)

  6. Kaneli, ja, podtoni znajo bit zoprni. Jaz jih uspešno ignoriram. :D Ali pa imam srečo, da mi kar ležijo te barve, ki so mi najbolj všeč. :)

    Jette Fromm, yeah, I know! I was really happy about how easy this one applies!

    Vita, thank you! I'm also breaking my rules on yellow, so I guess there are no boundries for me. :D

    Annie, yes, I know, it's awesome!

    nationailphotographic, haha, I love your nickname! It will not disappoint, if you get it, I'm sure of it! :)

    Thank you for your comments!

  7. I just purchased this as part of a Haunting collection 4 pack and really love it.