Thursday, 7 July 2011

... swaps and special hauls.

Evening everyone! To the second part of yesterdays post. Like I said, I feel I should thank some people for help and their generosity with these two posts. I don't think I'd do separate posts anymore, I'll just mention these stuff in posts about polish. But now so much of this piled on, so here it is. 

Swapping. It is addictive. Don't you think? I love every second of it. Can you believe that I almost don't buy polish for myself anymore? It's just so much more fun to get a package! You get to meet more nail polish fans and get more polishes you can't get otherwise and I'm always curious about new brands!

These beauties are from two packages I did with Kris (her blog is My Lucid Bubble, I'm sure you know it, but if you don't I really recommend it, I love the pictures and her writing). She's like my nail polish twin sister. Whatever she sends me (or posts on her blog) I'll love it, our taste in polish is 98,5% the same. So her packages are total fun, whenever I get them. Plus, she's a totally awesome person. As you can see, my Zoya WL is getting a bit emptier too thanks to her, woohoo! All four of them were my total lemmings, but especially Ivanka one of the biggest, plus O.P.I. Suzi Says Feng Shui, that I'm wearing more often than any colour lately. <3

And this is a giant package I recieved a few days ago from lovely Jette. Her awesome blog is called Vettelicious and it's our first swap we did and let me tell you, she's one of sweetest bloggers out there. The package surprised me enormously with all the beauties (oh yes, that is Gosh Holographic on your right), but mostly with two things she created herself, my favourite teal colour she posted months ago on her blog and the ring with my favourite polish combination. Thank you, hun!

 Teal Rex! The cutest packages ever. MAC shmac, I tell you!

Illamasqua Rampage with Nfu Oh 56 on top. <3

I love swapping, I really do, especially with such awesome people. 

And now to special hauls. I want to post this one for one particular reason. I got them all with help of nail fanatics and they are all my great lemmings.

From L to R:
O.P.I. Absolutely Alice. I fell in love with this polish ages ago and when seeing it on totally perfect nails of Nola that owns Hedonism, Limited I drooled all over my keyboard. Big surprise came with her email, telling me she can get me a bottle at a fair price (damn you, ebay greedy people!). She was incredibly nice and patient, even after the total fiasco of paying her for the polish, it was a complication after a complication, so, Nola, seriously, thank you for everything. :) But I'm glad to say that through that I met an awesome person. And now I have AA too, haha!

Essence All Access & Zoya Suvi. Tell me, why does Essence continue to discontinue all the awesome shades? All Access is a perfect green, so gorgeous, but I couldn't get it anywhere, of course, since it's out of the market for ages now. Luckily, a member of my favourite beauty portal offered it do me in part swap part sale. Kokola is also responsible for a death of one of my biggest lemmings in Zoya department. I got Suvi! As you can see, I'm a bit into Zoya lately. ;) Kokola, thank you, these two are major lemmings of mine!

And last one, Eyeko Cosmic Polish, that I've already shown you, I got from the lovely teycha, she also has a blog caled Daltonista Polish

Bottom line of this post is to express my gratitude and also point out the amazing nail polish fanatics out there. I love how we help each other getting all the lovely stuff and I love meeting you all through someting as "everyday" as nail-polish is. Cool, ha? 

Don't worry, I'm back to serious nail polish tomorrow. ;) Thank you for reading!


  1. you got all that awesome packages and mine is still not there :(
    I really don't like the post!

    hopefully it'll arrive...better late than never...

  2. Če je bilo včeraj super, je danes fenomenalno! *lol*

  3. Such great stuff! Teal Rex is the cutest.

  4. joj, ovo je za totalni napad ljubomore ;-D
    krasne si pakete dobila, sretnica si :-D

  5. Awe, love what you got! Essence All Access is also on my lemmings list and I wish I can find it someday. Zoya Suvi is super cool, too!

  6. Oh, Danny, it wasn't meant as something bad. :( I hoped you'll arrive for this post too, but I kept postponing it so I decided to post it as planned. I really hope yours will come too!

    Biba, ja, tu je pa kar precej lemmingov. :D

    KarenD, I know, right? :D

    nail crazy, hehe, ma znam. :D

    Thank you for your comments!

  7. What an awesome haul! I'm curious to try the swap thing myself :-D While I only have a little over a 100 polishes, I can't justify buying more right now...
    O.P.I. Absolutely Alice looks great, but reminds me of Dorthy Who by China Glaze- what is the difference if you don't mind me asking?
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. AngieP, oh, let's not talk about the numbers, what do you say? ;) I'm 5 polishes away from getting to 200 ... yikes! And as for Dorothy Who vs. Absolutely Alice: how about I make a comparison post of the two for you? I'm curious myself! :)

  9. I'd love it! Thanks so much :-) I hope it's everything you were waiting for :-D

  10. I am so thrilled you like the stuff I picked out for you! :) I can't wait to see Teal Rex on your fabulous nails, I hope it doesn't disappoint. You're totally rocking that gorgeous holo, girl!

  11. Aww! Once again, you're welcome, it was a real pleasure to be able to help a fellow nail polish addict :) Can't wait to see your swatches of AA!

  12. Ajme meni ajme meni.. bez teksta sam. ;)