Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Catrice - Enter The Undergrowth

Hey darlings. I'll be short today. When I came home I got so tired, and I still am, I can only think about sleeping, but I really need to study, so I have no idea how will i pull this off.

I have a special one for you today. Yes, it's Catrice, yes, it's Papagena limited edition for this summer (well, one of them anyway), but it's special because of everything that happened around getting it. I contacted the wonderful Danny (her blog is called Polish Chest and if you don't know it yet, you totally should click on that link!) and asked her if she could get them for me when they arrive to Germany. She agreed and everything went smoothly (she even got her friends in Berlin to search for those that were sold out already, yes, she's that cool!) until the package just wouldn't show up at my front door. The last time I waited for like 3 days to get the package from Germany so I expected it to arrive in 5 days at latest. After 10 days of lost nerves I already marked the package as lost and I felt really bad also because I put Danny through so much work to get them for me and then got her all worried about the package. After 14 days (or was it 15?) the package arrived. I always get really happy when I get a package, but this one got me literally jumping in the hall that leads to my room where i opened it and squeeked of joy. So girlish. Danny, thanks a million for these, you're beyond awesome!

The first one I tried is called Enter The Undergrowth.

The application was a bliss, this is two coats, it was so easy to apply it! I added Nfu Oh Ultra Shine TC and for some odd reason it left brush marks on some of my nails, even if there weren't any before. :S It wasn't really visible, so I let it be. 

I don't need to explain why I love this colour so much, do I? Honestly now. This is 100% my type of colour, it's amazing, it's awesome, it's green, but that type of mossy, greyed green I'm loving so so much lately. I did a bottle comparison with a couple I found in my stash, they're close, but not dupes. So yes, I do need them all. There are only two people on the planet that could convince me I have too much green polish, so don't even try it. :P 

If you wish to see a specific comparison of any of these, let me know in the comments!

Your type of colour or not? Did you get any from the Papagena LE?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I'm so glad you like them!! :)
    And thanks for schmooze me! :D
    It was my pleasure to get them for you!

    good luck for you studies <3

  2. I had no idea you can't get Catrice in Slovenia! Over here in my town people don't seem to like or know the brand and I am always the first one to buy limited edition. When I went to the store for the Papagena the drawer (?) was untouched, and last Saturday I found the new LE Out of Space and it was untouched again! The only downside is that in Italy Catrice polishes cost 2,79 euros instead of 2,49 but who cares?! I love their colours!

  3. Predivna mi je ova boja! Kod nas u Hrvatsku Papagena navodno nece doci :(((

  4. There's nothing like getting a package you thought were lost! And yay, the Papagena collection was so worth it to wait on, right? <3

  5. Danny, thanks, but today it's a no-study time, I'm afraid. :/ I'll have to work extra hard tomorrow. And I love them, like I knew I would. :D

    Simona, we only have the core line of nail polish. We don't get LEs nor any other make up from Catrice (nor any new released colours from the core line, for that matter). And that sucks!! Word is out we might get them in Autumn, but I'll believe that when I see the counter. :) It's great that Italy gets them!!

    Irena B, stvarno? Mislila sam da u Hrvatsku dođe sve od Catrice, stvarno šteta, ova jim je jaka kolekcija. :(

    Jette Fromm, amen, sister, you feel like it's a holiday all over again. :D And yes, it was totally worth the wait!

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  6. Ni glih moja barva...ampak na tvojih nohtih zgleda vse tok popolno:) hehe.... drgač je pa kr kul:P sicer ja ta barva paše bolj jeseni....hmmm..no če še enkrat pomislim...sej vreme se obnaša res jesensko:) tako, da si kar zadela izbiro:) hehe

  7. This is gorgeous! I'd love to see comparisons with the Essie and Models Own, since I have those and need to know if they are close enough for me to be happy with not being able to get the Catrice. :)

  8. Pink_Diamond, jap, zadnje čase nosim samo še jesenske barve, ko pa tako lije, da ni več ničemur podobno. Čisto obupno vreme zadnje čase. :/ Hvala za kompliment. :)

    KarenD, of course, it's not a problem! :) I love doing comparisons, so I always like to get a job. :D

    Thanks for the comments! Hvala za komentarja!

  9. sooo pretty! Wish they sold Catrice where I lived :(

  10. hahaha po meni bi samo jedna od ove cetri bila dosta i previse ^_^ ja ne zalim za Papagenom nisam bila bacila oko na nijedan proizvod

  11. I'm not sure this is my color at all but your blog has made me "branch" away from my favs (pinks and reds)! Love it when you put the "same" colors from different brands on one hand because I'm like KarenD...if I don't have the exact same shade...after reading the blog I just might need to go shopping! ;)

  12. Which Essie is this? How close is it to the color of the Catrice polish?