Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Eveline Holografic Shine days: 418

Heya people! How are you? I'm hungry, just about to have my lunch, can't wait, it smells divine. I just changed my mani. Well, an hour ago, it's perfect and I can't wait to show it to you. Why am I telling you that? Because today I'm really starting to miss fast drying top coat. As you know, i'm SV-less for a while now - it dried to the point that the remainder of polish doesn't even move in the bottle - and it's slowly getting on my nerves. I have to wait longer between coats so they are 100% dry and when i use TC, otherwise perfect Ultra Shine from Nfu Oh, I have to be careful not to put it on not dry polish otherwise it bubbles and even then it's best if I watch an episode of some seires or something, so it has long time to completely dry. Even that sometimes isn't enough, I removed my mani today because I woke up with really deep sheet print on my nails. *sigh* And sometimes even after two hours, after you choose a ruined mani over burst bladder and after you wash your hands you see a nail or two is ruined. Kinda tiresome. At this point i'm willing to put up with shinkage and bubbles of Seche Vite or preferably try something new. Alas there isn't a vast choice of fast drying TCs in Slovenia. Ok, sorry about the semi-rant. I just think about this one today more than usually because I DO NOT want to mess this mani! 

On to the Eveline Holografic Shine. It's 418 and it's ugly as hell. I actually said 'yuck' wearing it, and there are maybe 5 polishes in my whole history of trying out colours that got that reaction.

I think this was two coats only. I only swatched it on 4 nails, i disliked it so much. It surprised me, since the colour appealed to me in the bottle. Oh well, it's not like that never happens. ;)

What do you think? Only one more left!

Thank you for reading!