Thursday, 28 July 2011

Khaki/cool military green comparison: 4

Hey everyone! How are you doing? I'm headachy, again and I'm craving something sweet, ghah! I have a requested comparison for you today. I felt like doing it and then posting it right away, so here it is. KarenD (I love her nail wheel posts, I always go through them like a madman, nail per nail and her display pics, so I can see what's going on in USAs drugstores) asked me in the Enter The Undergrowth post to compare the Catrice with Models Own and Essie. I then added a few pictures with H&M too. 

  • Index: Essie - Sew Psyched
  • Middle: Catrice - Enter The Undergrowth
  • Ring: Models Own - Grace Green
  • Little: Catrice Enter The Undergrowth

I tried to take pictures in many lightnings, sadly there was no sun today in Ljubljana. Then I removed Grace Green, since it's the most off of them all and put on H&M Hunt Me Down.

Flash, to make the differences more obvoious.

They are all two coaters, all dry extremly fast and are very easy to work with, I'm quite impressed! Even Hunt Me Down behaved extremely nicely today, unlike the first time I wore it. 

Aside from the application, which was, again, very nice on all four, the colour differences are obvious from the pictures, but lets write it down anyway.

Grace green from Models Own is the lightest green of them all. Gorgeous, I can't wait to wear it as a full mani, and the most different of them all, it's less "military" green, it has a more gentle feeling to it, if that makes sence.
Essie Sew Psyched is the darkest of them all, plus it's the only one that's not a creme, it has a very fine silver shimmer, that is visible only if you have some sort of lighting on your nails (like standing next to a window or something). So I would say it's different enough, a shade or two darker, bit more grey and with the shimmer, hardly visible, but still there.
The closest you get to Catrice Enter The Undergrowth is with H&M Hunt Me Down. You have to look really really close to see that H&M is a shade or two lighter than Catrice. It's also much more glossy. Still, I hate the H&M handle, it's really clumsy and I think Catrice has a totally winner of a brush, so it's my winner in this dual.

To a non-khaki green fan(atic) I think any of the trio Essie-Catrice-H&M would suffice. You just have your pick between darker, lighter and something in between. :) I'm glad to have all four of them. But if you don't count the silver shimmer in Essie, I think any of the three would be enough, quite honestly. If you're like me, and think Essie is different enough, you can pick between Catrice Enter The Undergrowth and H&M Hunt Me Down, they are really really close. 

What do you think? Close enough? Would you have all 4 of them? I don't mind, but then again, I'm a green freak. ;) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks so much for doing this (and so soon, too)! I think I can be content with Sew Psyched, though if Catrice decided to start selling here, I would probably get Enter the Undergrowth too. (H&M does have stores here, but the one nearest me doesn't carry nail polish, which is just silly because of course I would buy it.)

  2. I love every single one of these polishes!!!!

  3. Imam edino Essie-ja, ki mi je tudi najlepši od primerjanih. Tako da bom ostala pri njem :)

  4. This Models own polish is PURE LOVE! I want it right now, I just fell in love :)

  5. KarenD, I'm glad you like it! You can always swap for it, I'd say. :) Although Catrice one is LE, I think it's better to look for H&M one. :)

    imfeelingnail-venturous, me too! :)

    Irena B, hvala!

    Biba, fino!:) Je moja nova pridobitev in sem vesela ko radio, da ga končno imam. :D

    Just me and Hohner, yeah, me too! I put it on for the first time with this comparison and I just have to wear it as a full mani ASAP!

    AmyGrace, thanks, dear. :)

    Thank you all for commeting! Hvala za komentarje!

  6. joj, kako sam ovo preskočila :-(
    nemam još ovakve nijanse, kuku i naopako, a apstiniram... krasni su, svi :-D