Monday, 25 July 2011

Búk - 199

Heya people. How are you doing? I'm a bit headachy, but still good from the wonderful weekend I had. It was my BF's bday and we went to the spa and relaxed a bit before the hobbit-like feast. And I discovered the before greatly underestimated addiction and fun of sauna. Sauna, baby! Those Finnish people know what the hell are they doing! I was always sceptical about sauna, because I greatly dislike to sweat, so my reaction usually was: I should walk into a room full of sweaty naked people to be naked and sweat like a pig with them? Thanks, but no thanks. Well, my BF almost had to drag me there, just so we would try it out at least once and I think i loved it 15236 times more than he did. :) Especially the seriously hot ones. And my skin was soft as silk after it. I really had a blast. So i guess I love sauna now. 

But to the nail polish. Today I have for you one of those my BF brought from Lithuania. It's one of their local brands, I'd assume, called Búk. Following the European nail polish habit it's named with a number, 199. As always when I discover a new brand, I googled Búk too. And I found this great post about it from a fellow nail-blogger, she has a blog called Less is more ... and I love how she put everything there is to know about this local brand polish in one post. People, DO MORE POSTS ON LOCAL BRANDS!! They're SO interesting (at least to me) to read, plus in this ever growing community it's always a nice thing to read about something new and unseen, agree?

Appearantly Búk means "Be" in Lithuanian language and they're pretty trendy too, they had a holographic collection in 2008! Nice! They are very cheap, but that doesn't affect the quality of the polish which is always a total win for me. The thing that I love about local brands are also the labels. I have great fun reading all the different ways people say "nail polish". Lithuanian nail polish junkies appearantly say "Lakas nagams". We, Slovene nail polish junkies, say "Lak za nohte". In case you're wondering. ;)

Búk 199 goes to my range of sexy reds. As you'll see, my BF got me only the sexy reds, since he prefers the reds that way. ;) I loved it so much. It's bright, has a bit of shimmer and just looks good on my nails, pardon my arrogance. I was worried how the pictures will turn out, as I took this in the house my BF's family has up there where there is no time, only relaxation, and of course I didn't have my computer, I applied it in low light and tried to catch the last rays of sunshine. But I think they turned out ok. :) 

This was two coats, it dries really really fast, no TC. The brush is ok, nothing above average, but not below it either. It behaves nicely. The only thing that it's quite noticable is the smell of the polish. It has a very strong smell, so I'm guessing toluen is still present in the cocktail. But nothing an open window can't fix! 

It's a great one, I like it a lot. Thanks to my love for getting it for me. I'm thinking I really need to get him used to buying me nail polish, he always picks the great ones, lol. :) 

What do you think about Búk 199? Are you, like me, a fan of trying local brands, do you enjoy reading about them, or do you prefer to choose the "checked", worldwide popular ones? 

Thank you for reading!

PS: I found this picture next to Búk ones, my BF took the shot while I was removing my Nfu Oh flakies and I guess he found it funny enough to make a photo of it.
So yes, this is how I walk around when I'm removing glitter, flakies and all the other hard to remove babies. Looks familiar? ;)


  1. Uf, jaz obožujem savno. Sicer jo obiščem le kakih 2x na leto, ampak si takrat privoščim :)

    Super seksi je tale rdečko :)

  2. Haha, hobit-like dinner :)
    I love your posts!
    The red Buk looks great, although I am not a fan of such light red polishes, I like the darker ones more. Really sexy red though ;)

    You use waaay too much aluminum foil for removing glitter :/ It could be done with much less (cheaper and more Earth friendly)

  3. Nice one :)

    I think I got polishes from you, but I need to get them from my post office tommorow :D

  4. Slazem se s Biber i ja koristim manje folije za skidanje, al istina urnebesno smijesno izgleda, a Buk me blago podsjeca na Essence-Red-y to go

  5. Hahahah, folija izgleda kao Lady Gaga. :)
    Predivan je lak crveni!!

  6. e ja ne volim saunu :-p
    lak mi se sviđa bez obzira na marku i cijenu :-D
    i da, redovito koristim foliju na glitterima i sličnim glupostima, srećom ;-D

  7. Biba, jaz sem bila prepričana, da si jo bom lahko redno privoščila, potem sem pa videla ljubljanske cene ... ja, katastrofa no. :( Bo res samo enkrat, dvakrat na leto.

    Biberlee, yes, I know, here i have way too much on my nails. I now use half as much per nail and I use one sheet several times. :)

    Sabbatha, great, hope you like them!

    Lendoxia, i mene je podsjećao na nekoliko lakova al ni jedan nije jednak.

    Just me and Hohner, haha. :D Možda tako dobije svoje ideje. :D

    nail crazy, stvarno? Ja sam oduševljena. :D

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

  8. Wow! I love this shade! I'm not a big fan of reds (I know, that's odd!) but this one is amazing!
    I also love the "removing flakies" picture, it's really funny! :)