Sunday, 10 July 2011

Zoya - Suvi

Evening everyone. How are you on this really way too hot day? Today was really a bitch. I just sat and did nothing and still sweat. So gross. It's also Sunday, which means for me I couldn't decide what colour to put on my nails and I really had to, due to the tip wear on my last mani. For the first time it has happened that I absolutely adore the colour but I probably won't post it on my blog. The pictures are so painfully inaccurate, I just don't see the point in posting them. It's the gorgeous H&M Blue My Mind, so wickedly colourful and bright, on my photos, no matter how I take it, it takes this form of sky or baby blue, depends on the lighting. Frustrating, but  it's the most far off shot I've ever gotten of a colour. Still, an awesome shade, I'm sure you know it and possibly have it. :)

But this post is dedicated to one of my lemmings in gorgeous Zoya department. Until a few weeks ago I seriously lacked Zoya in my stash. Only two bottles, it almost seemed like a crime. By luck I've gotten quite a few more now, like i mentioned in my last posts, and i'm super happy about it. Suvi was in my top 5 to get. Such a gorgeous green. I was so lucky to get it, at more than a fair price. Here she is in all her beauty.

So beautiful! Suvi is a part of Zoya Downtown Collection for Fall 2007, the collection that also gave me Rea, one of my favourite foils I've ever tried out, and Freja, that's one awesome silver. This is also the collection that gave us Indigo and Kotori, two very popular shades. So I think we can easily put this collection in the department of the best ones, that seem to come out in those years. I keep getting this feelings that the strongest collections in nail polish world came out in the years 2004-2008. Might be wrong, of course. :)

Suvi is a bit sheer, it needs three coats for full opacity, but then it's magic baby! Plus, the brush and application on Zoyas are as perfect as you could wish it to be, and so three coats are done before you know it. I can't remember how fast it dries, but I do know i wore it without TC, so I guess it dries fast enough. The colour is nothing short of amazing. Look at the first, also most colour accurate picture. It's so stunning, with it's emerald shimmer. Zoya does green really really well, I have now 7 beautful Zoyas, 5 of them are green, and I still have plenty of greens on my WL. Suvi is magnificent, very elegant, yet vibrant and always green, not a blackened one. 

Question of the post: do you have a day in the week (or of a mood that repeats itself on regular basis) when you just cannot pick a colour for your nails? Another one: what's your favourite Zoya colour and how many do you have in your stash?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Suvi is super nice! I, of course, own her - I simply cannot pass on a green, especially a good one. ;) To answer your questions: I can't pick a color whenever I feel down. Sometimes I pick based upon coats needed and drying time, sometimes a creme for a grey day and a shimmer or glitter a sunny day. And according to my spreadsheet I own 29 Zoya polishes! :D

  2. NailsByCourteney, I agree, it's gorgeous! :)

    Féline, hey, welcome to my little corner of the net. :) It seems we share the same addiction - pass on a good green? I'll take even an acceptable one, it's green nail polish! ;) And 29 Zoyas sounds like heaven! :) And it's a very useful scale, to pick a colour based on how much work it gives you, I'm starting to do that too lately, I've ruined way too many manis just because I ran out of time, wanting to have a four-coater on my nails.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. I'm glad you like Blue My Mind but it really is hard to photograph! I didn't get the colour right either but I wanted to share the gorgeousness anyway ;)

    Suvi is absolutely divine. Another green for my wishlist! I own as little as 3 Zoyas, and I must admit that the bottle shape and brush are keeping me from going on a crazy green shopping spree, LOL! While the brush is good it's not fantastic for me like OPI's (at least not yet), and Zoya is just that tiny bit more expensive to import so I keep postponing it.

  4. krasna nijansa! sad ću još morat nabacit koju zoyu ;-D

  5. What a beauty! I love greens and this one is spectacular :)

  6. Jette, you don't like Zoya's brush? Interesting, usually it's totally loved by anyone. :D Well, you're lucky, since that saves you some money, my WL on Zoyas it the longest, right after BB Couture and Nubar. o.O

    nail crazy, slažem se! :D

    The Nail Buff, I know, this one is a must have for green lovers. :D

    Thank you for your comments!